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September 5, 2020

With huge pride and excitement Siren Cameras Pty Ltd are able to now confirm we've been successful in securing significant financial backing from the Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC - in commercialising our product offerings.


The result and level of support is game-changing for the business with the financial contribution designed to advance multiple areas of our product offering across design, technology, mobile application and advertisement capabilities.

Details of the agreement between Siren Cameras Pty Ltd and the AMGC can be found here:

Mark Peters, AMGC National Director of Projects, and Phil, Siren Co-Founder, signing the Agreement

Co-Founder Phil West said, "With the vast manufacturing knowledge and network of the AMGC, we’ll develop Siren to cutting-edge standards from right here in Australia and will proceed to enhance our legal position further, expanding and strengthening our IP rights across all our primary markets.

I’m personally full of gratitude for the confidence the AMGC has shown in Siren Cameras Pty Ltd. The assessment process and critique of our product/business offering has taken over 5 months and we're delighted with the verification that's provided - it gives our business a more consolidated approach and underpins our confidence and determination in making this happen.  

Between the AMGC and ourselves, we’re building a team capable of delivering a unique Australian product that we believe will retail successfully across the globe and eventually play a significant role in managing the sustainability of coastal fish stocks”.

Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, Dr Jens Goennemann, said Siren’s product demonstrates the importance of seeking assistance outside your area of expertise.

Collaboration is a powerful tool in business and even more so in manufacturing. Siren’s early desire to seek assistance from area experts resulted in a product that is far more powerful than the initial idea, offers greater value and, importantly, global potential,”

Siren’s dual-lens camera is more than just a camera for a fisherman, it has the potential to support conservation efforts and generate a revenue stream beyond the initial sale by collating and selling data to manage fish stocks – it’s a win for the fishermen and sustainable fisheries management alike.said Dr Goennemann.