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Intellectual property progress

May 10, 2019

We are delighted to announce a valuable step forward this week with the Australian Patent Office acceptance of our National phase Intellectual Property (IP) claims.

Over the past two years the business has steadily progressed its legal position with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) submission milestone being successfully achieved in 2018 - commencing ‘enforceable right' IP protection in over 150 countries - before this weeks celebrated milestone of National (Australian) phase protection.  

Co-founder Phil West said the business will soon progress National phase IP protection to other countries, “This weeks patent breakthrough is great news and only enhances our drive to produce something totally unique for the recreational fishing market. First and foremost we really just want to create something fun and exciting, but at the same time we know the Siren concept is unique, which the patent news confirms, so it's only right that we diligently protect our idea. Award of the Australian national patent gives us 20 years protection over our IP which is important underpinning for a startup company like ours getting something off the ground from scratch. We really understand our market and the countries where Siren will appeal most - so that's where we’ll continue to build on the overarching PCT rights we already have, and develop the National phase patents in those locations.”

The IP owned by Siren Cameras Pty Ltd is managed by leading intellectual property firm Spruson & Ferguson.

Established in 1887, Spruson & Ferguson is one of the largest intellectual property (IP) service providers in Asia-Pacific.

"Spruson and Ferguson have been fantastic and really guided us through a minefield of legal IP jargon. It feels very reassuring to have such professional legal representation in our corner and a patent now on the shelf as we push on with making Siren a reality”, Phil concluded.

If you would like to know any more about the Siren patent status, please make contact through the communication options available throughout the website.