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20-year Standard Patent granted to Siren Cameras Pty Ltd

September 12, 2019

The team at Siren Cameras Pty Ltd were celebrating a huge milestone this week as their Standard Patent 'Certificate of Grant' was formally issued by the Australian Government (IP Australia).

The Patent primarily represents sole 20-year ownership of rights to produce a dual-lens camera within the Australian Fishing Industry (Recreational or Commercial), while also elaborating on another 19 innovative and distinctive claims associated with the ground-breaking Siren fishing camera product.

For Co-founder Phil West, this milestone marks the end of a 30-month process of verifying and then legally protecting the unique Siren concept, “the process of gaining this patent has been a long journey, but not for a minute did we doubt the outcome. We knew within ourselves that we’d thought about, then developed, something of value that hadn’t been done before. That confidence kept us pushing forward with the Patent process, and although there were many consultations, reviews, and legal positioning involved with gaining this result, we’re over the moon to finally be granted our Patent”.

For Siren Cameras Pty Ltd, the represents a tangible and obvious competitive advantage as the product is introduced to market in 2020.  

It also adds another major Intellectual Property asset to the young Business.

“Cumulatively, the team have expended thousands of man-hours on the development of our Siren fishing camera, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see that effort now formally recognised by the Australian Government. The 20-years of patent protection we’ve been awarded is testament to the brilliance of the Siren team and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved to date”, said Phil.

With the Australian patent now secure, Siren Cameras Pty Ltd will continue to progress other National Patents across its primary markets.

‘We couldn’t be in a better position to progress and secure Patents in North America and Europe. Our patent claims have already been successfully screened internationally in 2017 for innovation, and are lodged across all of our target countries through our 2018 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) submission. With the Australian Standard Patent 'Certificate of Grant’ now achieved, this gives us every confidence to continue our pursuit of National Patent IP protection in other major countries for trade of our camera, and we plan to be activating those rights imminently through our attorneys Spruson and Ferguson who have been instrumental in supporting us to date”, Phil concluded.

The IP and Patents owned by Siren Cameras Pty Ltd are managed by leading intellectual property firm Spruson & Ferguson.

Established in 1887, Spruson & Ferguson is one of the largest intellectual property (IP) service providers in Asia-Pacific.

If you would like to know any more about the Siren patent status, please make contact through the communication options available throughout the website.