There’s two sides to the fight.
Capture both.

A World First.

Introducing the Siren X-1 Dual-Facing camera.

Designed by engineers, subsea specialists and ocean lovers, this action camera is like nothing you’ve seen before.

The dual-facing lenses and robust design allows the Siren X-1 camera to capture any action-packed adventure, while its watertight enclosure, patented design features, and innovative connection mechanisms make this product a must have for anyone into fishing.

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The Siren X-1 camera is perfect for those seeking to capture amazing fishing footage, and creates multiple previously unseen angles of dramatic, fast paced, action-packed videos of your latest catch.

The perfectly designed connection mechanism allows the camera unit to be easily attached to your line within seconds AFTER hook-up to your fish. No knots involved.  

Once in the water, the Siren X-1 camera floats upright allowing it to film the angler in action, and the fish being retrieved.
Both at the same time.

The buoyancy and other high quality specifications keep your camera safe while in the water. Even if the line snaps, it will simply run through the Siren X-1 camera connection mechanism and leave the unit on the surface for retrieval. Playback the footage and you may even see the fish that just bust you off!  

You can also let your creativity run free with our detachable mounting options, allowing you to connect your Siren X-1 camera to almost any surface and create unlimited use of this unique product.

Product Details
High Frame Rate
Mobile App
Professional Quality
Multiple Attachments
Dual Facing
Floats On Surface
Engineered For Stability
Record Your Data
Patent Protected
Wide Angle Lenses
Quick and Easy Connection to Your Line.
Floats On The Surface.
Films Perspectives Like You've Never Seen Before.
Waterproof Dual Facing Camera.
Watch it in action.
Expertly designed with ballast and buoyancy for optimal stability, position and balance while in the water.
Modernize Your Fishing Experience.

Onboard Wi-Fi within the Siren X-1 camera creates a wireless link to the Siren Mobile App, giving you command over your camera, the ability to view footage instantaneously, and immediately share your experiences on social media or privately between friends.

All your Fishing Data In One Place.

A GPS unit within the Siren X-1 camera helps the Mobile App collate data associated with each catch and automate statistics of your fishing success. With each fish caught you will immediately have location, date and time tagged to your amazing footage to help you increase future catch rates. 

Free-Running And
Floats On The Surface.
The camera unit is free-running on the line. Even if your line snaps your
Siren X-1 camera will remain on top of the water for retrieval.
Attaches To Any Line.

Squeezing the connection mechanism opens up the 5mm channel for the fishing line to enter.
Once on the line the Siren X-1 camera is totally secure.

4k / 60fps Footage.

Capture incredible high resolution imagery, stabilized by engineered ballast.

Detachable Mounting Options.

For alternative use of your Siren X-1 camera.

The Possibilities Are Up To You.

Fully compatible with universal action camera mounts, so your
Siren X-1 camera can be used for anything you can dream of.

Secure Your X-1 Now.
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Patent numbers: 2017904100 (PCT), 18841429.6 (EU), 16633066 (US), #2018301903 (AUS)

Thank you for your interest in purchasing your Siren camera. We will be launching our pre-sale campaign in the next few months. By signing-up below you will have access to our Early Bird pricing, which will be released to a select few at a heavily discounted rate.

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We look forward to keeping you updated on Siren and can't wait to get them into the hands of anglers around the world.
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